Plain Concrete

Plain concrete is most commonly used for paths and driveways since it is the most budget-friendly option but still provides quality looks for your properties.

No oxide has been added to the mix and it usually varies from white to grey colour depending on how long it needs to cure the concrete.

Black Oxide is often used to darken the colour of concrete as it is naturally quite a light tone of grey.

You can leave it to cure or sealed it naturally. If sealed, you will be required to re-seal the plain concrete every 3 to 5 years.

Let A1 Concreting Services help you create and manage your project right. Our expert team has the industry knowledge and access to the latest concreting products.

We will add value and beauty to your property. We can take any plain concrete you want and get the exact finish you need in residential and commercial settings.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate concrete is a superb option for Australian homes and businesses looking to enhance their outdoor spaces, such as driveways, footpaths, and alfresco areas.

This style of concrete, distinct from plain concrete, showcases the natural beauty of stones or pebbles, providing a unique and visually striking finish.

The process involves stripping back the top layer of cement to reveal the decorative coarse aggregates, either mixed into the concrete or seeded on the surface.

At A1 Concreting Services, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch exposed aggregate surfaces that not only boost your property’s street appeal but are also durable and slip-resistant.

With a wide range of colours and textures at our disposal, our exposed aggregate solutions are customisable, catering to your specific design preferences and practical needs.

Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete is easy to use as conventional concrete but comes with additional benefit since it can be coloured to suit existing work. 

It will help your home or project stand out from other properties depending on your chosen design and colours. The process of coloured concrete relies on what design you expect to accomplish and what surface you are working on. Each method has a variety of different advantages and disadvantages.

A1 Concreting provides a range of coloured concrete services in Gold Coast that can add a whole new look to your concreting project. It can be applied to standard concrete to help your project stand out from the rest and be colour-matched to blend with your surroundings.

Using coloured concrete is more costly than plain concrete. Still, the final result is worth it, making your project stand out and let you experiment with several effects, producing more colours bespoke to match your specific requirements. 

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete, often called imprinted concrete or patterned concrete resemble stones, natural brick, brick, tile, slate and even wood planks.

The extensive colour and pattern options make it popular for decorating patios, pool decks, driveways, pool decks and patios.

It is also a cost-effective paving option that needs less maintenance than other concrete. It is the perfect choice to deliver high-quality end look because of its superior durability and weather resistance.

A1 Concreting Services takes pride in being the leading stamped concrete company in Gold Coast that offers our customers custom stamped concrete services at an affordable cost compare to others.

Our concreters are expertly and skilfully trained to give outstanding workmanship and quality on every project we do.

Our stamped concrete patterns can imitate more costly materials to improve the look of your exterior patio, walkways, interior floors and driveways. They look natural and designed to blend effortlessly with any existing stone or patterned concrete.

You can enjoy easy-to-clean and low-maintenance living spaces that are an affordable alternative to natural stone for years to come.


Covercrete is an excellent choice to enhance and protect your homes’ concrete surfaces. It is a concrete sealant that is applied to the existing concrete area that requires renovation.

It is a cost-effective option with several colours, designs and textures for your pool decks, driveways, paths, patio areas, garage floors and more.

Covercrete is easy to colour, easy to shine, easy to design, and protect. It is an affordable and modern option with a range of textures, designs and colours to choose from.

A1 Concreting Services is a Gold Coast-based concreting company that protects, enhances and fixes existing concrete surfaces. We provide Covercrete services for residential and commercial properties. If you have a space in your property that needs covercrete or concrete resurfacing, we can do it for you.

We have years of reliable and skilled experience using the latest equipment and tools to perform concreting services to our customers on the Gold Coast.

When it comes to covercrete and decorative concrete resurfacing and flooring solutions. Our team of expert concreters can deliver the results that you hoped for with a wide range of covercrete options to suit any residential driveway, garage and office surfaces.

Site Preparation

Before any home or office building can be constructed, excavation and site preparation must take place.

If you have a piece of land or a property that you want to develop, you must prepare the site for excavation.

Excavation is not a simple process and you need the help of professionals to handle all the aspects of the site excavation and preparation to get the job done right.

Once you’re ready to have your property examined, excavated, and developed, call A1 Concreting Services Gold Coast to handle it all for you.

A1 Concreting Services Gold Coast can handle all necessary steps in excavation and proper site preparation.

We ensure that your site is prepared, excavated and ready for a lasting structure to be built. 

We excavate and prepare the ground according to your construction plan.

You can be confident when your contractors arrive and the site is entirely ready for them to get right to work.

We will help you make the right choices. Whether you are developing a structure or changing the area to make your property more useful, A1 Concreting can help your excavation project succeed.